Saturday, 12 November 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

'Don't worry about us,' writes a kind reader. She suggests: let the blog go and have a nice time with the family.

And yet, if it is at all possible, there must be a blog. No idea why. You have busy lives, children to look after, books to read, jobs to do, gardens to garden, food to cook, thoughts to think. There is no real call for this. But it becomes a compact. It's an if you build it, he will come kind of thing, in my odd little mind.

So, I sit down at nine in the kitchen, as the Beloved Cousin makes a birthday cake for a very special occasion tomorrow, to write a scant sentence or two.

It was one of those days when the world recedes. I don't know what new development is happening in Italy, whether Governor Rick Perry has said another extraordinary thing, where the Prime Minister even is, let alone what he is doing. It was all about the domestic. I made a yellow split pea soup with crispy bacon for the children's lunch. This was a bit of a risk. They love my green soup, but yellow. I watched with as much trepidation as if I were on one of those televised cookery competitions. The first spoon was tried. Interested faces, as they encountered a new taste sensation. Then: triumph. 'I like LELLOW soup,' announced the smallest, beaming her approving smile. I practically fainted with delight.

In the evening, we made popcorn and watched Strictly Come Dancing. It's not the kind of thing I watch at home. I am usually geekishly catching up with my favourite American politics programmes. But as a family affair, it is a delight. I don't know who any of the people are, and it all has to be patiently explained. I like the camp judges. I love the fact that Bruce Forsyth is still trouping on. It seems rather amazing that he was on television when the cousin and I were the same age these children are now.

And now there is a making of a cake. There shall soon be wrapping of presents. Someone is going to be nine tomorrow. That is a serious landmark. Nine. Just imagine that.

Some quick pictures for you, from the Cousin's garden:

12 Nov 1 12-11-2011 12-54-03.ORF

12 Nov 2 12-11-2011 12-54-20

12 Nov 3 12-11-2011 12-54-38

12 Nov 4 12-11-2011 12-54-53

12 Nov 5 12-11-2011 12-55-26

12 Nov 7 11-11-2011 14-45-55.ORF

12 Nov 9 11-11-2011 14-47-46

The dogs, doing excellent posing:

12 Nov 10 12-11-2011 13-15-26

12 Nov 11 12-11-2011 13-16-00.ORF

12 Nov 13 12-11-2011 13-16-14

Just regard my Pigeon doing her perfect Sphinx impersonation:

12 Nov 14 12-11-2011 13-16-53.ORF


  1. Wonderful photos...excellent posing is right! I wish I could get my Springer to do the same, I usually end up with her backside photo as she runs wild thru the woods. Lovely post, I am here via Jacqueline of Beauty in the Ordinary...a wonderful blogging friend. :)x

  2. Jeanne - what a lovely comment; so glad you like the mad posing. :)

  3. The pictures of the dogs are wonderful. I like it so much that Pigeon looks so comfortable with the other two.

    The third picture - what is it? Sorry to be so curious but I wonder at everything.

  4. Mystica - the dogs are very sweet together. The two younger ones have known the Pigeon since they were puppies, and are very fond of her. She allows their youthful exuberance with the grace of an elder stateswoman. As for the picture, the awful thing is that I don't know what it is. It is not a plant I have at home. When I have a moment, I shall ask the Cousin. Or one of the brilliant readers might recognise it. Love that you are curious, by the way; me too. :)

  5. Those children sound wonderful and sweet! And I must say LELLOW soup does sound nice.

    The photos of the wonderful three dogs - is it just me that is reminded of the Downton Abbey cast pictures? Such beautiful dogs, all three.

  6. Hannah - the cousin and I are laughing a lot at the thought of the dogs looking like the Downton cast. They certainly have the grace and elegance. Although you will be glad to hear that I shall not be dressing them up in Edwardian dresses.

  7. It is amazing that he troupes on, Saturday night would seem a travesty without Brucie!

  8. Nine...I do remember my ninth birthday. Dad brought a record from the United States and I wore my first red dress. Yes...definitely an important birthday.

  9. Lellow soup sounds delicious. I also wondered about the plant in the third photo and the dogs are delightful.

  10. Jacqueline - love the sound of the red dress.

    Susan Heather - I must find out about that third plant. So glad you like the dear dogs.

  11. Oh, the other two dogs look SO jealous of the beautiful posing.

  12. Rebecca - that is making me laugh a lot.

  13. I sometimes think a blog is like one of those Tamagotchi pets that used to be the in thing - if you create you you have to sustain it, as it has a live of its own and must not be abandoned. Or am I merely being compulsive?

  14. Tattie Weasel - so sorry, thought I had replied to yr comment, but seem not to have. And did very much mean to say so glad I am not alone in my Brucie love.

    Mise - I think you might be right. I do rather have that exact feeling. But cannot tell either whether it is just the compulsive in me.


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