Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bonus Post: result and pictures.

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

The mighty Big Buck's broke all records. He did damn well make history, in a collected canter. It may never have been easier. I shouted and cried. The dog barked her head off. It was a very, very fine thing.

Hunt Ball jumped round like a champion, and, although clearly tired, finished a very good third. I may write more about that tomorrow. My new theory is that it is actually a very good thing he did not win. Then, everything would have gone off the charts. As it is, he showed that he has every right to play in the big league. They can run him with pride in the best company next season. He lost absolutely not one thing in defeat, and he is still the most improved horse in training. My love and admiration for him remain undimmed.

Some quick pictures for you, because I was in too much of a rush before, and you must have pictures.

My two little Big Buck's:

12 April 1 12-04-2012 10-40-28 4032x3024

12 April 2 12-04-2012 18-14-52 3024x4032

Red's view, as it was when I went up to her this evening:

12 April 5 12-04-2012 18-14-22 4014x1429


12 April 7 12-04-2012 17-10-34 4032x3024

12 April 8 12-04-2012 10-41-48 4032x3024


12 April 10 12-04-2012 18-22-55 3333x2277

What an extraordinary day. I feel lucky to have been here to see such a day. What a horse. What a horse.

He even made the six o'clock news.

Here he is today, with the sun on his back, and the wind at his heels:

Big Buck's wins 17th straight jumps race on first day of Aintree Festival

Photograph by Getty Images.


  1. My dad would have loved reading your racing blogs, I know I do and I am not one for the gee-gees like he was. Why are there no racing reports in quality ladies' magazines, at least in one monthly chick-journal? I think there could be and you should write it. Get your agent to pitch it to someone...

  2. I, also, have not been interested in horse racing even though I grew up in Lingfield. I do so enjoy your racing blogs (in fact all your blogs). It is your passion as well as the excellent writing.

    1. Susan Heather - what a very, very kind thing to say. Thank you.

  3. Goldenoldenlady - quite frankly, I think I should put you in touch with my agent. You are much, much better at pitching than I am. :)

    1. I watched the BBC video. As he moved through from third to second I got goose bumps, as he took the lead I fizzed all over, and as he sailed over the last hurdle I felt exactly as I do when I witness a superlative singer take a soaring top note with ease. And it's all your fault. You have reconnected me enjoying watching horse-racing on telly, like I did as a kid with my dad in the 60s and 70s.

      Oh bugger! I suppose I am going to have to have a couple of quid each way on Seabass, now Ruby's sister is going to be on top, just for the fun of it on Saturday.

  4. Again, well done. Your blog makes me feel like I was there. Caught a video of Big Buck's race -- just amazing. Wish I could find Hunt Ball's. How could you not love that story?

    Had never heard much of Mark Johnson's commentary in England until I began following your blog and the horses who populate it. Feeling very lucky that we now have him here for the Kentucky Derby and the Churchill Downs seasons; he keeps you in the action without interfering with it. With racing this good, that's what you need.


    1. Bird - Hunt Ball almost impossible to find but keep searching on Youtube. He's so worth it.

  5. My dad called the first three horses, in order and failed to make a bet on that. If he had he would have celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary with a massive win. He still thinks he has one the ultimate prize though (but will only ever say that after a few ales).


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