Tuesday, 3 April 2012

In which six inches of snow turns out not to be a disaster, after all

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Red is absolutely fine. I rush up first thing, over untreated roads and under trees shivering with snow, in a panic, convinced I shall find her huddling under the trees, looking miserable. Instead, I find her with her head up, gazing to the west. She appears fascinated by the west. The fantasist in me thinks, of course, because that is where Morven is, and Morven is my favourite mountain. The realist thinks it is because there is a wide plain there, and she is scanning it for friends or foes.

I bless the new rug technology. It really is extraordinary. The mare stood out all night in cold and snow, and when I put my hand on her neck, under its cover, it was warm as toast. Her ears were a little damp, that’s all. She looked pleased to have her alfalfa feed, but lost interest halfway through, which delighted me, as I feared she might have been hungry, what with the grass being under six whole inches of white stuff.

Instead, she decided she would have a huge old roll. I always think rolling is a good sign in horses; it means they are  relaxed and at ease. It’s also very good for their backs, as it stretches out all the muscles. Red had a tremendous go, over both sides, up again, down again, and then a little jaunty canter round, as if to say: look at me.

That, I thought, is not a miserable horse.

I went in to have a cup of coffee with the World Traveller.

‘That mare is so clever,’ I said. ‘She digs little hole in the snow with her nose and then eats the grass underneath.’

The World Traveller smiled and nodded.

‘The horses in Kazakhstan do that,’ she said.

I probably should explain about the World Traveller. She is my step-niece by marriage. To most people that would not mean much, but I am mad for extended family, so to me it means a lot. She is married to my landlord, and it is in their glorious field that the mare now makes her home.

I call her the World Traveller because everyone gets a name on this blog, to protect their privacy, and because she once rode across China on a horse.

You do see.

I think it is one of the most impressive things I ever heard. So she shall always be the Traveller to me.

The other amazing thing is that she never brags about it. Some people might say that thing about Kazakhstan in a swanky sort of way. Not the World Traveller. She says it in the most low-key, ordinary way, as if she had just told me she had been to the Co-op. I could not have a better person to watch over Red.

The Old Fella emails with more excellent advice and encouragement. He is a very busy man, out working with his horses all the hours of the day, so I am incredibly touched that he should take the time. (He is also my relation by marriage, so that is more of my adored extended family in action.)

I was fretful and a little spooked myself last night. I suddenly realised what a huge responsibility this is, and how much I had forgotten about the ways of equines. But today there was so much kindness and goodness from the family, and the mare seemed so calm and happy, that I was quite restored to happiness. For once, it seems, I do not have to do everything on my own. My stubborn refusal to ask for help is cast aside, as this turns into a lovely joint enterprise. It feels like a little bit of a life lesson. And there is almost nothing I love more than a life lesson.


Pictures of our snowy day.


3  April 2 03-04-2012 09-46-19 4032x3024

3 April 1 03-04-2012 09-46-06 3024x4032


3 April 4 03-04-2012 09-46-31 4032x3024

3 April 5 03-04-2012 09-47-42 4032x3024

3 April 5 03-04-2012 09-47-54 4032x1865

3 April 6 03-04-2012 09-46-37 4032x3024


3 April 10 03-04-2012 09-47-06 2961x2957

3 April 11 03-04-2012 09-47-10 3024x1684

3 April 12 03-04-2012 09-47-19 2881x2900

3 April 12 03-04-2012 09-50-03 4032x3024

3 April 14 03-04-2012 09-48-36 4032x3024

Blinky eyes and snow on the nose. Really is a bit too much:

3 April 14 03-04-2012 09-50-38 1587x2253

This reminded me so much of my dear, departed Duchess, who adored the snow. I got a bit of a lump in my throat. I miss her still.

And, up at Red's place. This is her view:

3 April 19 03-04-2012 16-09-27 4032x3024

3 April 20 03-04-2012 16-22-33 4020x1904

3 April 26 03-04-2012 16-22-41 4014x1109

Here she is, looking out over it, queen of all she surveys:

3 April 22 03-04-2012 16-23-30 4032x1737

3 April 24 03-04-2012 16-10-47 3024x4032

3 April 20 03-04-2012 16-10-58 4032x2259

Having her supper:

3 April 21 03-04-2012 16-11-44 3024x4032

Hoping I may have apples in my pockets:

3 April 22 03-04-2012 16-11-15 3024x4032

Oh, that face.

And finally, the hill:

3 April 30 03-04-2012 09-53-12 3024x4032

Oh, and may I say to the good people at Landa Rugs: you are very, very clever indeed.


  1. So happy to hear that all is well with Red, and LOVED the snow dog pics! Especially the one where the Pigeon's ears are up & open...and the snowy Beech Avenue, and Red's beautifully curved neck & face...


  2. What a relief to read today's update!

    Have been wondering about you and Red last night after yesterday's post and weather forecast, so I was greatly cheered by the sight of that lush new blanket SO carefully wrapped up around her.

    I thought: 'She wrapped in love'.

    I think you are very good with your blanket skills, no matter who the beneficiary is.

    And, and, and... the Pidge looks in utter heaven today!!!

    Feel warm, happy and content this evening. :)

  3. She really does have the most amazing jaw line! It surprises me every time I see a pic. So strange that you should have snow...I walked the dog in a t-shirt here down South. Lou x

  4. If I was Red I'd enjoy looking to the west too. What a view!

    And as for that Pigeon in the snow; she looks like a puppy again. :)

    You have a lovely family xx

  5. I love reading your daily post about your new horse. The photos are lovely too. We have some snow this morning here in north Wales but nothing like what you have up there.

  6. I *love* the shot of Pigeon running through the snow. Joyous.

  7. Beautiful photos of two beautiful animals. It seems like Pigeon handed the job of 'looking dignified for the camera' to Red for a day, so she could puppy about in the snow instead!

    And the third player, the hill, is breathtaking.

    I'm so pleased Red was happy and safe. I've never considered before how strange it must be for part of the animal family to be stationed somewhere else; not in the home.

  8. Enchanting photos, almost as enchanting as your words. Where do you live? Kingdom of Wonderment?

  9. Wonderful. Truly wonderful. I am so glad to read of Red and of the family you have and who are part of her (and your) care.

  10. Gorgeous. The blinky eyes and snowy nose... gah! The beautiful Red.... ga-ga! It's almost too much when paired with the beauty of snow AND Scotland.

  11. I'm a few days late catching up, but, oh! the glory that is SNOW DOG! Red is also a beautiful creature. I hope she continues to settle well in her new home.


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