Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Happy Easter to all the dear Dear Readers. You are marvellous and deserve many, many eggs of the finest chocolate.

I hope you are having a lovely day.

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I wanted to say Happy Easter from all the family, but obviously they are a horse and a dog and do not deal in the concept of resurrection or the nature of deity. Still, if they could speak English I am perfectly certain they would hope you are having a tremendous Easter day:

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8 April 2 31-03-2012 15-54-14 3024x4032


8 April 15 29-03-2012 16-36-14 3008x2032

PS. Big, big ride today. We tackled a bridge of such scariness that I actually thought it would defeat me. It was crucial we did it, not only because of maintaining my alpha status, but also because it is the track that leads up to the high woods, where I want to go.

Tried every trick in the book – patience, circling, reassurance. Almost thought we might have to give up. She was very, very trepidatious indeed, and the toes had been dug in. Then, in a final throw of the dice, I tried something quite risky. I appealed to her competitive spirit. Her grandfather won the Derby for God's sake. Instead of calming her down, I revved her up. Come on, Red, hell yeah, you can do it, go go go. And suddenly, with a great leap, she went, and we were over the scary bridge and far away. 

I'm not sure I was ever so pleased with a living creature in my life. There is a bit of an echo up in the hills, and the sound of me saying good girl, oh good girl, must have been heard across half the county.

Bloody, bloody brave and good and true. I think now: nothing can stop us. Not one thing.


  1. Congratulations! Joy is joy in any form.

    Happy Easter to you, the Pigeon and Red.


  2. Not eggs but a Lindt selection of exquisite loveliness, been on top of the piano since Tuesday and just goes to show that with age (I am very nearly 55) sometimes comes the ability to postpone gratification. Have had TWO with an espresso after Easter Sunday lunch, the rest are for later.

    Happy Easter to your little family. Ten legs between you!

  3. Happy Easter Tania. So glad you are still getting so much joy from Red. Your tales of your growing relationship with her bring a lot of joy to me too.


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