Monday, 30 April 2012

No blog today

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I did have a blog for you. It lived in my head; it even got half-written on the page. Then my cerebellum turned itself off. (It has been doing this quite a lot lately; I think I need more iron tonic.) So now there is no blog. The weather has reverted to its usual filthy state, and everything is brown and forlorn. I do try to be butch about the weather but the continual rain and cold, the dour miserable day after dreich day, is seeping into my soul. I want spring. Where was my spring?

The mare followed me across the field today. I cannot tell you the profound delight that gives me. She just walks at my shoulder, as if tethered by an invisible rope. And she has such a lovely, low, swinging walk. I am a horse whisperer, I think to myself. Although I discover that the real whisperers hate to be called whisperers, they think it sounds silly and namby-pamby. Also I do see it is not very descriptive, when one is actually beaming equine thought-waves. I gave her some carrots and scratched all her favourite places. She is the one bright thing in these dark, drab days.


Some quick pictures from before, when there was a glimpse of sun:

30 April 2 28-04-2012 12-09-59 2969x2222

30 April 3 28-04-2012 12-10-03 4032x1339

30 April 5 28-04-2012 12-16-37 3404x1121

30 April 6 28-04-2012 12-26-09 2038x1801

30 April 7 28-04-2012 12-27-17 2992x3084

30 April 8 27-04-2012 13-52-08 4032x3024 30 April 9 27-04-2012 13-53-21 3024x4032

30 April 9 27-04-2012 13-53-43 4032x3024

30 April 9 27-04-2012 13-29-43 1699x1808

30 April 1 28-04-2012 12-07-25 2566x3439

30 April 10 27-04-2012 13-41-21 2084x1953


  1. surely two bright things? Pigeon!

  2. Just wondering what those 2 little marks are above the mare's eye?

  3. When the sun shines the British Isles and Ireland are the most fabulour places in the just don't be shinin' near often enough...some of your photos look like paintings, lovely!

  4. Dear girl Good morning from the other side of the world. Bin thinkin about the 'boring' comment. My thoughts...I love your blog. It is the first thing (after the weather) that I pop into when I turn on my computer. You are very generous in sharing your writing and your world with us folk 'out here'. We are allowed to comment and we do. The writer of the boring comment obviously isn't a horse person but that is no excuse for being plain rude. It has been a sad year for you and it is beautiful to see Red in some way filling some of the space that must be empty in your heart. Keep blogging and sharing please. To open yourself up to others the way you have done - especially in the way you have shared your thoughts on grief over the past months have been very generous to your readers and perhaps helpful too. Even when you say 'no blog today', it is a blog. Hope the weather brightens up for you all over there.

  5. Pigeon looks like she's saying, "Two pictures of The Horse? TWO? And only one of me? Harumph!" They're both beautiful but don't tell her I said that about The Horse.

    I feel your pain re spring-less spring. It snowed here (Newfoundland, Canada) this morning. S-N-O-W. We haven't had any for weeks and weeks. But today we got at least 5 inches of the dratted stuff. Just enough to make the roads slippery and slow down getting to work because it had to be brushed off the car.

    But the beauty of spring is that by lunchtime the sun had broken through and it was melting the snow off the roof of the house so fast that my drainspout looked like someone had put the garden hose in it and turned it on full blast. And now (11:30 pm) it's -1C and there's more snow predicted.

    *sigh* This too shall pass. Summer will eventually arrive. Assuming the icebergs finally float south...

  6. Visiting family in south Florida, know as the "Sunshine State". It has been raining steadily, and often in torrential bursts, since last Saturday. Weather forecasters say it may -- may! -- let up by Wednesday or Thursday. The skies are an uncharacteristic gray (just like Belgian winters!). The ONE thing it isn't is cold. (Temperatures in the 80s Fahrenheit. I believe that's 20-something Celsius.)
    There MUST be sunshine somewhere!

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  8. i love all these pics you have put on your blog. All pics are taken carefully so they are looking awesome


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