Wednesday, 13 February 2013

No blog today.

I have nothing for you. NOTHING.

The weather has come in again. There is filthy, wet, blizzardy snow, blowing in on a gale. There is wind-chill of the most horrid aspect. No matter how many thermals and waterproofs I apply, I remain cold and slightly damp.

There was a lot of work today, both mental and physical. I actually met some delightful and fascinating people, and I’d love to tell you about that but my fingers are too crabbed and my brain too pummelled. Every atom in my body is yelling STOP NOW.

I really must work on my stamina.

Anyway, that is a poor way to tell you there is no blog today.

I hate there being no blog. It makes me feel as if I have failed. The Dear Readers kindly come, and give their time and attention, and then there are days like this when I give nothing back. What kind of bargain is that?

Also, I really like getting comments and hearing from all of you, all over the world, but that can’t happen if there is nothing to comment upon.

You know how I’m always banging on about how every day can’t be Doris Day? Well, this day is now officially Doris DON’T. I have a daily ration of energy and good cheer, and I used it all up. I am now going to sit in a corner and eat chocolate. It’s a cliché, but I don’t care. I am going to mutter under my breath like Mutley and dream furiously of spring. There’s only so much nonsense one girl can take, and I’ve taken it. I’d just like to remember what it’s like not to walk around all day in slightly damp socks.


Up at HorseBack this morning; you can see that even their magnificent view is defeated by dreich:

13 Feb 1

This, this, is what I dream of:

13 Feb 2

This is what I remember does still exist, beneath the snow:

13 Feb 3

Right. Now I’m going to take some iron tonic and give myself a stiff talking-to.


  1. am sitting in an office in london, the gloom is gathering and visibility from the 10th floor is so poor even the Shard is invisible - and it's only down the road from us...

    i believe chocolate is a damn fine response to most dreary things. savour the loveliness!

  2. Today I have felt that I can't be arsed (even though I mainly must, I still carve out periods in the day when I don't). I think the winter has been savage and long. We have winter fatigue. If we were hibernating we would poke our noses above ground on a day like today and go back to sleep until Easter. At least I would.

  3. I posted a picture of myself sipping a pint of Pimms through straw in midsummer on my FB timeline, the better to daydream of same. It is getting a few people this way today. I suppose anyone who is a bit flush and very organised has flown off to a riad in Marrakech for a week to top up the tan and the seratonin levels.

    You could put up a link to Horseback UK's FB page for the Dear Readers who might mope without more of your words, couldn't you?

  4. There used to be a very sweet greetings card that said: "Things are getting worse, please send chocolate". I think you are taking the absolutely right course of action, and you'll feel better in the morning, I suspect and hope, whatever the damn weather. Stay warm.

  5. We're having a bit of a thaw here today and next week I am flying to the desert. It helps to get through the cold.

  6. Spring and summer will come. I hate to say it but we are having glorious summer weather at present. Mind you, we could do with some rain, preferably at night, for all the farmers and gardeners out there.

  7. Scotland is more than welcome to the stinking hot summer Australia is having. I'm hanging out for winter (proving once again that none of us are happy with what we have).

    There is also a phrase in use "I have no more spoons". When someone struggles with a condition that has no obvious visual cues (physical or mental), there is only limited energy in the day. Measure it in spoons (which we all have). If necessary, put them in a jar each day and take them out as the energy drops. One spoon may equate to getting up, showering, dressing. One spoon may equate to a half hour conversation (being with people can be very tiring). On a 5 spoon day, you don't get much done. I've got CFS and this concept was an "aha!" moment for my husband.

    Which I think is a very roundabout way of saying don't upbraid yourself re stamina! I think you have heaps of it. Eat good chocolate, let Stanley give you love and play the Saw Doctors.

  8. Chocolate and a glass of wine. Maybe some nuts for protein.

    Some days, even summer days, have this feeling of waiting... for something better. But your days, in my view of them, are all superb, because you care to make them so.

  9. Zugh. I noticed I was furious at the TV the other day, which in itself is not noteworthy, except this time it was due to a commercial daring to be set in the non-winter. Just watching a bunch of morons getting to GO OUTSIDE without the weather TRYING TO KILL THEM bubbled me up with resentment and bile.


  10. Oh winter pictures are so beautiful. Remind me of cosy times by the fire reading a book or watching a good movie.
    I love your blog.
    From Summer in Australia


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