Wednesday, 25 March 2009

So adorable I could not resist

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Here is Master William, Sarah's little fellow, in his special Easter bonnet. Master Will is the best story-teller I know, even though he is only four. If you ask him to tell you a story, he will look around the room and incorporate the elements that he sees there into his tale, very much in the manner of Kevin Spacey at the end of The Usual Suspects, except without the sinister intent. He can also tell my dogs apart, even though they are two black sisters. 'Purdey is the one with the white feet,' he says, when he arrives on my doorstep for his annual visit. He gives exceptionally good hugs.


  1. Love the bonnet and also the dimples - he has them, doesn't he? I've got a thing about dimples. Also very impressed by the storytelling technique. I RUINED the ending of The Usual Suspects for someone once and felt disproportionately guilty about it afterwards.

  2. William would like everyone to know that his name is not William any more, but "Tom Batman Force". He must be addressed by this name in full at all times. All his staff (me, his father) have been informed, as well as his teachers.

  3. I do so love his new name - although to "Tom" its probably always been his name.

  4. I had a colleague who was so taken by Swiss Toni of the Fast Show that he refused to answer to anything but "Swiss". And he was in his late 20s...
    I LOVE his Easter bonnet. Where do they all go after Easter? Can we press for year-round wear?


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