Saturday, 21 March 2009

A mysterious incident

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Just took the dogs out into the gloaming. The last of the light was dying over the hills, and the sky was the colour of delphiniums. There was no moon, and the evening star was glittering in the south. Everything was completely still and silent. I thought a few poetic thoughts.

Then I noticed a much bigger star, fat and round and the colour of amber. Perhaps it is Mars, I thought, the red planet. (My astrological ignorance knows no bounds, although I can identify Orion's belt, a fact that once deeply impressed a handsome Armenian gentleman.) Then I noticed that the 'planet' was moving. It appeared to be gathering momentum, heading east over the black shadows of the Wellingtonias.

A satellite, I thought. But why would a socking great satellite be scooting about over my tiny little village in the north of Scotland? Just as I was pondering this, the thing blinked and then DISAPPEARED. Just like that, in a cloudless evening sky.

I have absolutely no explanation for this. We can only hope that it is not the beginning of an international incident.


  1. And everyone thinks that it's all going down in London town...

    I love sequins BIG STYLE and I want to read about the wild life as soon as possible! I'm not following your blog publicly because my profile reveals my real name - really annoying and am trying to fix it but am rubbish on technical stuff.

  2. Cassandra - wild life may be a hostage to fortune. How much should I reveal? My mother reads this.

    I love that you are reading the blog and commenting on it; I thought I would be shouting into the void.

    So agree about the technical stuff. Even setting up this very simple site almost caused my brain to fall out of my ear. I keep seeing other people's blogs with lots of lovely bells and whistles and can't work out how you all do it. At least I managed to get a picture of the dogs up there, although it took three tries.


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