Friday, 27 March 2009

Royal Succession: do we care?

Posted by Sarah Vine.

Okay, so the economy is in freefall and we're all facing tax hikes. And what is the Government doing? They're twiddling about with the royal succession, that's what. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns. Even the feminist in me can see that there are rather more important things on the Ministerial to-do list at the moment than bringing equal opportunities to the Royal Family, which is in itself an absurd concept, since the monarchy has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with, you know, hereditary principles. Besides, who cares which of this particular crop of eligible toffs gets to wear the crown? What difference does it make to any of us if Zara Phillips is suddenly 4th in line to the throne instead of 12th, or whatever. None whatsoever, that's what. Not unless, of course, she wants to donate the entire royal patrimony to save the nation (I've always thought Buckingham Palace would make a very nice hotel). They can elect the next monarch via a special edition of the X-Factor for all I care, just stop time-wasting.


  1. I always agree wholeheartedly with my co-author. It is a matter of principle with me. Also, she is almost always right. But in the spirit of full disclosure, have to admit that I have an inexplicable love for our dear Queen. Was once a republican. Not quite sure what happened.

  2. Feel the true reason for the succession chat right now is not so much to do with the
    Royal Family (share Sarah’s views there) but Gordon Brown’s desperately fraught attempts, in prep for next week’s G20 summit, to appear pro-active & turn the spotlight on the government and away from his increasingly expense-claim embroiled Ministers. On a happier note, have you seen the smashing review of your blog & others (Iain Dale, Andrew Sullivan, B.Waffle, Mrs Trefusis, Libertylondongirl, Jacob Wrestling et al) in a recent post in The Johnson Diaries-Life on the Edge at (Gordon Brown eat your heart out!)

  3. Londongirl - thanks so much for steering me towards Nora's blog. Feeling weak with pleasure at thought of our little site being name-checked among such luminaries.

    As for Gordon - do you notice how happy he looks the moment he steps out of the country?


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