Sunday, 22 March 2009

Crikey, a UFO?

Have just read to the bottom of the blog (I never read to the bottom of anything, it's one of my most irritating habits. I also never finish a drink, something that annoys everyone I live with since they are always tripping over unfinished cups of tea and getting lukewarm milky liquid on their shoes). Anyway: Tania has seen a UFO! This is quite something, for those of you who don't yet know Tania like I do, because let me tell you she is a firm rationalist. She does not believe in God (or the Sky Fairy, as she likes to refer to Him), horoscopes (this is normal: she is a Capricorn. They are very sceptical creatures) or Fate. I'm not sure she even believes in global warming, although I could be wrong. And yet here she is, with a mysterious object in the sky. Could this be a turning point? Or is it the result of drinking the aforementioned claret too soon?

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