Monday, 30 March 2009


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

A new study is out on the science of ageing. Money quote: 'being thin is what ages you most'.

Sarah and I get quite grumpy about the whole 'anti-ageing' buggery bollocks. We become extremely testy when told that women must 'fight' ageing, as if it is some rampaging mob armed with pitchforks. We think that the women who have wrinkles instead of stretched, worked-on, wind-tunnel faces (Helen Mirren, Vanessa Redgrave) are the most beautiful. On the other hand, we see no reason to develop any more lines than are necessary. So we are going to keep on eating the hot cross buns.

Interestingly, this study, like so many, officially confirms what many women have known for a long time. When fat leaves the face, of course it droops a little. And the magnificent Catherine Deneuve said years ago that after a certain age women have to choose between their face and their arse. (The genteel Daily Telegraph translates this as choosing between face and body, presumably because too many of their gentle readers might drop their Frank Cooper's Oxford at the mere mention of a lady's bottom.)

So hurrah for science. Hurrah for a generous appetite. Hurrah for all of our munificent arses.


  1. Or as many people here do - have the fat suctioned out of your bottom and injected into your face. How disgusting! There must be a new word for that apart from obnoxious.

  2. Hurrah indeed, and to celebrate a chocolate will be eaten (maybe more than one), my dear father has a lovely phrase "built for comfort not speed". To be thin naturally would be wonderful, but I'm not, so finally I am accepting of my curves, and life is a lot easier !

  3. I absolutely LOVE the quote about choosing between the face and the bum. I've chosen my fat face and I feed and water it lovingly. BOTTOMS UP!!! Cx

  4. I just get massively annoyed that we have to read anything at all about our age versus our general attractiveness and therefore our general value. It's okay to be wrinkly IF you are beautiful (a la Vanessa) so if you are fugly and young, you're still not worthy? Or if you are wrinkly but not so cute then you are no prize and should expect to be abandoned which is fate worse than death? These messages still come through loud and clear, whether we allow ourselves to eat bars of Dairy Milk in comfort mode or not. Just pisses me off. Not that I am immune to it at all. I go running to the cosmetics counter and play Fantasy Plastic Surgery all the time in order to shore up the deflating ego.. But I wish I hadn't drunk the Kool Aid..

  5. I couldn't agree more. Although I must confess, Nigella and I have both succumbed to a tiny bit of Botox, the new 'mother's helper':

  6. Ah yes, having read (the other) Mrs T's comment, I probably would do Botox, not because of an age thing but because due to sunsquint I look permanantly cross. However as girlchild, car and bollard have recently become as one funding has been redirected. Sniff....

  7. Wrinkles tell the story of who you are - do you laugh lots, do you frown, are you dimpled when you smile? They make up little bits and pieces of who you are - I cannot imagine only ever having a smooth face like an empty canvas.


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