Monday, 23 March 2009

Custard Cream, anyone?

Hello to you Cassandra. I adore Custard Creams, although lately I've become slightly addicted to Fox's Party Rings. FEEL the sugar rush. Very bad. Bourbouns are nice, but a little sickly. And Rich Tea have a certain Presbyterian quality to them.

Chocolate Oreos should, of course, be illegal.

Tania is above all this, I should point out, as she does not have a sweet tooth at all and only eats very small, elegant quantities of very dark chocolate.


  1. Trifecta of biscuit perfection:

    Dark chocolate digestives (qualify as health food).

    Jammy dodgers (the proper ones with creamy bit as well as jam)

    Custard creams.

    Not Party Rings! Nooo. Hurt my teeth with their evil sugar crust. Children driven into frenzy of lust for Party Rings for year or so now indifferent, leaving me to finish stockpile..

    (M&S - the home of the perfect selection pack of biscuits. Heaven. Sob, homesick)

  2. For chocolate coatings, I think you can't beat a Bahlsen (have I spelled that right?). It's like the biscuit is really just an afterthought for the chocolate. Plus, they remind me of going Inter-railing about a million years ago. You could get all the way from Paris to Biarritz on a packet of Bahlsens.

    Note that while Tania is very cleverly discussing macro-economics and conspiracy theories, I am discussing biscuits. You may find that pretty much sums us up.

    Anyone got a good biscuit recipe?

  3. hi, thank you for the posts... and shall buy the book. 2 things: iv'e seen a UFO too! neon pink, it also went out like a light....and yes, i have a terrific recipe for "romany creams" but this is probably not the place to post it....



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