Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Meant to say

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Quick Wikileaks flash:

One of the dear readers asked what it was that was revealed about naughty Saudi Arabia. It was: they were tremendously keen that the United States bomb Iran. Ah, what larks.

My favourite part of the whole thing was the quote from Prince Andrew:

'The Americans don't understand geography. Never have. In the U.K., we have the best geography teachers in the world.'

Yeah! Take that, you Americans, with your ignorance of oxbow lakes and your dearth of Ordnance Survey maps. Go and ponder a tectonic plate, why don't you?

Full story here:


For those of you who take The Times, Sarah has a coruscating piece on the whole thing tomorrow. Her line: we are supposed to be amazed, amazed I tell you, that Putin rules Russia with a rod of iron and Mr Berlusconi has a weakness for the ladies. After an extensive telephone conversation, we conclude that the whole thing should be renamed Wiki-statement-of-the-bleeding-obvious.

And you know I never miss any excuse for a bonus ladyship picture, so here you are:

1st Dec 12

1st Dec 14

You KNOW it makes sense. (Especially since nothing else in the world at the moment much does.)


  1. What glorious photos of their ladyships in the snow! Contrast of white snow on glossy black hair is lovely.

  2. The funny thing about the geography comment, just in terms of my own personal life... I went to a British school in Egypt. For the "O-level" in geography, you had to learn the geography of the British Isles.

    Not the geography of the Middle East, or Egypt...

    just something very surreal about that...

    The ladyships look lovely.

  3. Colby - the black and white is very splendid, isn't it? Best thing about having very dark dogs is the snow days; so chic.

    CatherineMarie - love the Egypt story, and so glad you appreciate the canines.


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