Monday, 22 November 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I know I should have a spanking box set of opinions for you on the Irish bailout and what the North Koreans are up to with all that uranium and whether Sarah Palin really can fish or not (which is charmingly occupying Andrew Sullivan over at the Daily Dish). But today I do not. This is why I like writing a blog rather than a column or any official thing. Some days, I do not have to have an opinion. I cannot express to you what a luxury that is.

The most pressing matter on my mind is the making of hot dogs for the children's tea. It is exam season, so they are getting special treats. Normally of course we would make them eat raw vegetables and brown bread. Tonight though it will be delightful chipolatas with roasted tomatoes and fried onions and naughty white hot dog buns and all the trimmings. If that does not take their mind off the agonies of Latin revision, I do not know what will.

In the meantime, I leave you with some quick pictures of my cousin's garden.

Sometimes I think there is almost nothing I love more than a plain green leaf:

22nd Nov 1

A brave euphorbia, still in bloom:

22nd Nov 2

Along with a bold rosebud:

22nd Nov 3

More glorious leaf action:

22nd Nov 4

It turns out that there is lichen in the south. It is not Scottish lichen, of course, but still, it IS lichen:

22nd Nov 5

I have always loved the expression: 'how do you like them apples', although I have never really known what it meant. (It's from The West Wing.) Still, occasionally I say it and hope no one will pick me up on it:

22nd Nov 6

Anyway, how do you like them apples?

22nd Nov 7

The classic Gloucestershire dry stone wall. It is very different from the one I have at home, but a thing of great beauty and ancient craft all the same:

22nd Nov 8

The last of the autumn colour:

22nd Nov 9

Yet more leaf, this time in the gloaming:

22nd Nov 10

Not at all sure what this is, but it looks pretty:

22nd Nov 11

And now for the FRIED ONIONS (said in the manner of Buzz Lightyear, To infinity and Beyond…..)


  1. Wonderful pictures. The apples are lovely, and they reminded me I had one today. An apple a day... I wonder.

  2. I was about to gasp at your leaf statement, thinking you'd given up your love for lichens but lo and behold, there's a rather splendid example just a few photos down. You really do have a marvellous eye for a good picture.

  3. Lovely pictures - specially the apples!

  4. According to my (long dead) grandfather, "how do you like them apples?" was an American Army rhetorical question from the First World War. I suspect it's an idiom now limited to use by those over 60.

  5. Glorious photos as always :)
    I also (and I hope this doesn't sound odd or like I'm touting for business for them - I'm not!!!) just received an email from telling me that their deal of the day is the complete West Wing box set reduced from £165 to £34.99 and of course, I thought of you! Anne x

  6. Wonderful pictures, and wonderful use of language as always. I love the phrase "in the gloaming" but always seem to miss that moment in the day.


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