Friday, 26 November 2010

More on the road, in brief

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Not a hint of wi-fi for two whole days; I have been going frantic. Am typing this from a limited implement which does not do pictures or much formatting, so this is a bulletin rather than a proper blog, just to let you know that I have not yet set off for snowy Scotland. Some of you have very kindly expressed concern (cannot tell you how touching that is). I leave tomorrow at dawn, with anti-freeze, gumboots, spade, emergency supplies of chocolate, large bottles of water, and several good books in case I am stuck in snowdrifts for dull hours. It shall be the long way round, as the road home over the mountains is closed. My mother says she has eight inches outside, and is staying put for the duration. I keep telling her to stock up like a Montana survivalist.

It is quite odd to be sitting here in Soho, where I have just had a double espresso in the Bar Italia followed by a bloody mary in a bar populated by extremely famous actors, to think that tomorrow it shall all be hills and weather. I like looking at a handsome star of stage and screen from time to time, but my heart really beats where the snow falls. Secretly, I am rather thrilled that I must battle the elements to reach my dear old front door. Wish me luck.


  1. Hi, Tania. I have been reading your posts for a while now and love the way you write. I once had a life where I hung out with famous(ish) faces and got my coffee in Soho. Now, in Somerset, I sometimes pine for that life but in the end - always - the quiet beauty of the place where I live wins out. It's good to get home and feel the shoulders drop! Wishing you a smooth trip. Jan

  2. Good luck. Here there's a raging blizzard and a curled up circle of cat on every bed. I'm glad I needn't go out and, like you, the first snow thrills me. Have safe journey home!

  3. Don't envy you the drive regardless of weather but take care and keep a blanket in the car.
    Famous faces in my neck of the woods tend to be of the tv variety as filmstars tend to move upmarket so no beauties but more the people you think you know from somewhere and turn out to be a regular on Holby.

  4. Yes, do take care. Bon voyage!

  5. Take care and have a safe journey back home. Please post as soon as you get back.

  6. Take care, drive safe and steady and give the 'ships a huge hug :) I'm already looking forward to beautiful snowy/doggy and snowy doggy photographs! Anne.x

  7. Dear Tania, I wish you well for your trip back tomorrow.
    I always find the journey home much easier than the outward one.
    May good winds be behind you and
    bon courage!
    I look forward to reading your next post together with snowy pictures of your first walk with the 'ships!

  8. Drive carefully. It sounds a bit like dear old Mole longing for his little home in Wind in the Willows.

    Every good wish from me and my beautiful (elderly now) girl dog.


  9. Safe journey and G-d's speed.

  10. Keep really safe dear Tania. Go carefully. Remember often the roads are fine, clear and treated - the problem (as my dear dad would have said) is often the other numpties on them! He always warned to give them the space to do their worst without drawing you in. Never more true.

    Look forward to your next delightful missive from the safety of looking out on the treacherous beauty.

    You did miss the most wonderful sky works last night. Sheet lightning blazing and cutting through the snowstorms. Our lovely

    Cairn'O'Mount has been closed since Wednesday and looks like being so for some time.

    God Bless and keep you and all other travellers out there, safe.

  11. SO glad to hear from you! Good luck and safe landings, dear blogger.

  12. As long as you have chocolate, you will be fine.


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