Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Plain loveliness

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I'm not going to do it. I am not going to have an in-depth, race by race, psephologically acute, geopolitically relevant, why oh why, where do we go from here, and what does it mean for Sarah Palin post-mortem on the mid-terms. Enough is, occasionally, enough. I have asked far too much of you in the last few days.

Also, if I have to go through it all again my head may explode.

The great good fortune that saves me from disappearing entirely into the rabbit hole of political geekery is that I live with a bit of nature. There are the flowers and trees and stones and lichen and sheep and cows and distant mountains. There are the dogs, and the pig, of course. These are tremendous anchors of sanity.

Despite constant forecasts for rain, I woke this morning to defiant sunshine. The sky is the colour of sapphires. There is a high wind, to blow away my cares.

So today there will not be reams of prose, but a visual interlude instead.

I love this time of year because while there are the traditional autumn sights like this:


And this:

3rd Nov 6

There are also, amazingly, the last haunting memories of summer, like the final flowering of the mint:

3rd Nov 1

A quite surprising rosebud:

3rd Nov 2

And a slightly tatty but still there fat Hidcote lavender:

3rd Nov 4

Just as there is the stark elegance of the little apple tree, quite stripped of its leaves:

3rd Nov 5

So there is the lush late flourish of the scarlet shrub rose:

3rd Nov 7

And while everything is falling into shades of amber and ochre and red, there is also determined green:

3rd Nov 8

And blue:

3rd Nov 14

Meanwhile, in other pleasures, it turns out everyone shall have sticks:

3rd Nov 9

3rd Nov 11


3rd Nov 12

Even I find it hard to get too exercised about politics when I have such a happy scene as this to rest my tired eyes upon:

3rd Nov 13

I cannot guarantee that I shall not revert tomorrow. This is partly because I do have some unanswered questions. If this blog were the kind that offered prizes, I would put up a cash reward for anyone who can explain the most strange creature that is John Boehner to me. But for now, let us just contemplate the flowers:


And the pine cones:


And the trees:

3rd Nov 15

I'll vote for those.


  1. Have just noticed the dog's white 'socks' - now that really is plain loveliness. Lou x

  2. Don't get me started on Boehner.

  3. Lou - am absurdly pleased you noticed the white socks. I am slightly obsessed with their loveliness. (Occasionally actually take photographs just of the paws. Really must get grip.)

    Miss W - pithy Boehner comment made me shriek with laughter. Actually sat alone in office and went HA HA HA HA like cartoon character. You know I try to avoid ad hominem but I start to think he is in fact a properly mad person. Evidence: the only time he appears not to cry is when he is playing golf, and he has categorcially denied ever using a tanning bed. No one gets that colour without artificial help. Unless the fake tan fairy comes and paints him in the night while he is asleep.

  4. I'm a paw photographer too. Well if the cat will have such ridiculously beautiful white feet, it's surely my duty as a responsible owner to record them for posterity?

    Another crying Republican? Seriously, what is going on with them? I snorked all through the Glenn Beck sections of the BBC2 programme earlier in the week.

  5. Thank you for the beautiful photos. Fall is a wonderful season.
    As for American politics, I confess (half ashamedly) I gave up trying to understand it, as the absurdity of some of the speeches makes me want to shout impolite things.


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