Monday, 1 November 2010

One more quick thing

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Re: the previous post and the Tea Party. It turns out I may not be alone:

Although I think I should reiterate the caveat to myself that one should beware of extrapolating too much from one small movement. Otherwise I would be forced to conclude that Britain is quite barmy every time I watch a member of UKIP on television.

Can't leave you without more soothing leaves:



  1. Am just watching a BBC2 programme about the Tea Party now. Hmm, what does Andrew Neil think about it all?

  2. Alex - thanks so much for reminding me. Had forgotten about lovely A Neil going into it. Watching now.

  3. It's causing much ranting in our house. Also quite the awkward moment when I had to explain to my mum what teabagging is.

  4. Alex - thought of you having to explain teabagging to your poor mum is causing much hilarity in this house.

    V good programme, didn't you think?


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