Wednesday, 24 November 2010

On the road again

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

The next three days will be spent moving, from post to pillar, and although there is some new technology, I do not yet rely on it. Blogging, in other words, may be light.

I probably should not do this, because it's a bit cheesy and all about me, and I should be writing about the migration cap and the tottering Eurozone and whether poor President Obama will get his START treaty passed. But sod it. What I really want to send out is a high song of thanks and praise to the dear, dear readers. You are of an outrageous calibre. I was not especially looking for love when I wrote yesterday but that was what I got, hurled at me from all corners of the internet. Your comments were so generous and funny and reassuring and big-hearted and just damn kind that they made me smile all day, and I am smiling as I type now, a little groggy at six-thirty in the morning.

I would go on, but I must have a bath. One must be squeaky clean for travelling. Also, there will be a goodbye breakfast with the children. The smallest person made me literally weep last night. Informed that I was leaving, she turned to me, frowned and shouted: 'You can't GO.' This was repeated several times, with a face like thunder. Then, devastatingly: 'When you coming back?' So you see, what with that and the absolute loveliness of the readers, I am in not much of a fit state for stringing any kind of sentence together.

I keep thinking: this is not what the grown-ups would call a blog post. You can't just go about thanking people for the Love and calling it blogging. But today, it seems, that is what I am doing. So: THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE.



  1. Does this mean we will soon get new pictures of the dogs? Have a safe trip.

  2. There is never too much love!

  3. Dear Tania
    If you are heading East and/or North, please make sure you are winter weather proofed.

    Il neige plus here near your home. Aberdeenshire (and city) in chaos. At 4:30 our council were crowing on the radio about the preparedness of their gritters and ploughs. 15 minutes later Aberdeen was gridlocked as most roads were simply sheet ice.

    The gritters were in the depots - it had been snowing most of the day. The Cairn is closed.

    Take Care.

  4. Have you packed your spade and a blanket? And perhaps a hearty pie of some sort for victuals...?

  5. I'm slightly worried about your trip too, dear Tania. Oh I know you're a grownup and I'm sure you're up to speed about the weather and what to do in prep, and I'm sure you'll be fine, really - but let us know, eh, when you're safe home and back in the arms, or paws, of your beloveds?

  6. Don't pay any attention to those cross people on the Internet. If they have helpful suggestions you may take them, but if they are just crabby then pay them no mind. As for the dog pictures - we have only a short time with our dogs; yours are quite plainly older girls and all the more precious for that. It takes years to really settle in with our dogs, and right after that they get old. It's just not fair. Love them and take lots and lots of pictures of them.


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