Saturday, 30 April 2011

Another Hill

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I saw another hill today. Actually, she's a mountain, and she's my favourite, and I have no idea why she is a she in my mind, but she is, and that's all.

I remember saying to someone I love, a few years ago, when things like this happen, it's as if you lose a layer of skin. So there is absolutely no defence against anything. This turns out to be true. I'm not sure I knew when I said it how true it was. Or perhaps I forgot.

30th April 1

I'm going off the blog for a bit. Do not fret; it is logistics, mostly. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the incredible kindness you have shown in the last week. Each comment has made me smile, and the thoughtfulness and sheer heart of what you have written has touched me profoundly.

Back in a little while.


  1. Go Easy, Step Lightly.
    Come back soon.

  2. I'll be thinking of you. I trust you'll find the comfort and support you need among family and friends. Be good to yourself.

  3. Take care Tania. Hope to see you back here as soon as you're ready.

  4. Take care. Enjoy your darling dogs, your beautiful hill and garden x

  5. Spring cleaning, spring break. Try not to "think". Take care and take care of yourself.
    XX Pat

  6. Tania - I am on my sixth attempt to say, simply: I am thinking of you. Still. I have not forgotten you, or your dad.

    Michelle x

  7. I saw the obit in the Telegraph. It was just right. Please don't stay away too long. x

  8. Take all the time you need, and know that you will be welcomed with open arms, hearts and minds when you return. x

  9. Tania - I was so sorry to hear about your father - tough, isn't it, when the parents go? When you are back online I would love to hear from you as my stepfather knew your father and your brother (or half) worked for him. Email me at louise.manfield(at)
    The obit in the Telegraph was very, very good and you must be so proud of your Fa ...

  10. Tania - I just finished reading back through your posts from the honest limning of grief to the beautiful memories of your dad. Take your time away, revel and wallow in memory and family, in reassuring nature and gorgeous sentences, and please accept my wholehearted empathy and condolence. Debra


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