Wednesday, 6 April 2011

There is absolutely no excuse….

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

….for what I am about to do.

Another 1122 words. No more sentient thought. No good opinions on the matters of the world. No recipes, no political musings, no nothing. I am like that Nina Simone song; ain't got no money, ain't got no sense, ain't got no ticket, ain't got no token. Or however it goes.

There is only one tiny brain cell left and it is saying something so absurd and idiotic that I should just ignore it. However, I seem to have lost control of the edit button. The tiny, flickering part of my cerebellum which is still functioning is saying:


And then this happens:


M&P 2

Mango 1

Purdey 1

Mango 3

Purdey 3

M&P 3

Mango 4

Purdey 6

M&P 10

Mango 5

Purdey 5

M&P 6

Mango 11-1

Purdey 10

M&P 7

Mango 11

Purdey 10-1

Mango 8

Purdey 7

Those are some old favourites. These are from this morning:

6th April 2

6th April 1

6th April 4

There is a thing that some devout Christians say, which is WWJD? What would Jesus do? When I was younger, and crazy ambitious, and worshipped at the altar of Martin Amis, I used to ask myself WWMD? What would Mart do?

I can tell you for certain that Mr Amis would certainly NOT admit to untrammelled dog love and then put up twenty-seven various pictures of his canines on a blog which he surely would not write.

I suppose that is the difference between us.

Here is the hill:

6th April 5

Now I am going to sit very, very still.


  1. I love my dog, your dogs and all dogs! ( Have you seen a children's picture book called 'Dogs' by Emily Gravett, it's wonderful.) The photos are fab, I might post some of my dog, he's far more interesting (and more beautiful) then food! Jude x

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I used to have a badge, or a fridge magnet or something that said "The more people I meet, the more I like my dog". Sounds rather grumpy-old-womanish, but I fear there is a lot of truth in it! They are so utterly loyal and reliable.

  3. I'm glad to hear that you are going to be sitting very, very still. It certainly sounds as though you are overdue for a nice, quiet break, where you do nothing at all, except perhaps look at the your hill, or the clouds...


  4. Lovely dog photos: laughing in springtime, excavating logs, world-weary, noble, peering strangely through an aperture - a real tonic!

  5. Jude - what a lovely comment. Shall look for the E Gravett book.

    Jennifer J - I KNOW that saying; someone once sent it to me on a card. I too occasionally think it true.

    Razinah - love the thought of just looking at clouds.

    Vivien - what a perfect description. Lovely.

  6. But why would you NOT love them?

  7. I would give a pretty penny to go on one of your morning walks; to enter your pictures and leave my reality behind for a short heavenly time. :=)

  8. Love this! Mad woman (in the nicest possible way).

  9. Hello - I had your book delivered today - can I just say: THANK YOU! I have already laughed out loud and cried (and this despite the fact I have tonsillitis)...

    And I love the dogs. Lou x

  10. You got some good smiley pictures this time. I think the ladies are happy that Spring has arrived. Do you have any tips for photographing animals? I have two wonderful cats, Siamese boys, who are the joy of my life. I would love to get some pictures, but they never cooperate.

  11. Gilly F - excellent point!

    Miss W - Ahhh. And sending that love all the way back to you and the dotsies in California. x

    Susan - incredibly lovely thing to say.

    Em - that is making me laugh. -)

    Oh Siobhan - that is the quickest way to my heart.

    Lou - SO delighted. Nicest thing to say.

    Nancy H - you are kind. Do not really have any tips. I just yell BISCUITS at them until they look interested. They are getting wise to it now though which is why sometimes they have a bit of a jaded expression.


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