Friday, 29 April 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Yesterday was the worst day. I don't know why. It just was.

The Younger Niece comes home. She says, plaintively, to my sister: 'Can we have a cheerful day?'.

So we are damn well going to have a cheerful day. We are British, dammit, we have a stiff upper lip.

We are going to watch the Royal Wedding. I know it is fashionable to sneer at the whole thing. Thing is: sneering is easy. Anyone can sneer. It takes no imagination. I watched the news last night and there were thousands of Ordinary Decent Britons camped out on the Mall. They were all so happy. Some ladies from Portsmouth were singing Roll Out the Barrel. I wanted to kiss them. I love the British, I don't care. Roll Out the Barrel? I'm damn well not sneering at that.

One young boy, about ten, said, very seriously, to the BBC: 'I've never seen so many people so, so…' He stopped, searching for the right word. 'Cheerful,' he said. 'Not in my whole life.'

That's the British way. Not ecstatic or crazed with exhuberance, but cheerful. That was the Niece's word too. That's what we'll do.

All the great-nephews and nieces are here. There are going to be cupcakes. The sun is shining in Scotland. You can't ask more than that.

For me, I am most excited about the horses of the Household Cavalry. Dresses are all very well, but give me a good army horse any day, groomed to within an inch of its life.

In the spirit of the thing, here is a good old Union flag, for dear old Blighty and all who sail in her:



  1. I think the whole of Sri Lanka is watching - other than those watching the cricket.

  2. Glad to hear you are going to have a cheerful day today. I'm currently watching the Royal Wedding with my daughter and shamelessly loving every minute of it. We do think the people there (in the Abbey) could look a bit more cheerful though! There has been the odd grin between William and Catherine so far, but that's about it (and Harry making a witty comment). I imagine it must be rather stressful, all that pomp, on the happiest day of your life. I loved the 4 white minibuses going down The Mall! It's a great excuse for some tears... hope you are all enjoying it.

  3. It was a lovely wedding. Happy young royals who, for a change, actually appear to care deeply for one another. You Brits know how to do things in a bang-up fashion. I think the world was captivated.

    It's hard to be cheerful with a huge hole in your heart, I know. But thank the gods for such distractions.

    And kudos to the bishop for a good, good homily.

  4. Yes indeedy. We do honest, basic, cheerfulness just as well as we manage to do very grand ceremony. Hasn't it been a lovely day?

  5. I feel terribly sorry for your loss, but strangely, your voice has the feeling of your early writing, that I have enjoyed a lot, the depth, the honesty, the hope, it is all there back again.

  6. Jonathan, Warwickshire29 April 2011 at 19:33

    You make me smile every single day, and I am so thankful for it. Thank you for taking the time to write, especially when things have been so difficult, as in recent days. Please know that I (or we?) never take your thoughtful, kind words for granted.

  7. Good for you for being cheerful...I was worried today would make things even more painful for you, as the nation celebrates. But in true British fashion you have used that stiff upper lip to your credit. I hope days like yesterday are few... Lou x

  8. Hope you had a lovely, if not quite cheerful, day sheltered by family. The horses were wonderful, I agree.


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