Friday, 15 April 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Have in fact tottered down to my desk, as I remembered there was one vital thing that had to be done. Since I was here, I thought I should give you pictures, because you cannot have a Friday without something pretty on which to rest your eyes:

15th April 1

15th April 2

15th April 3

15th April 4

15th April 5

15th April 6

Back to bed now.

Thank you so much for kind wishes.

It's only a silly old bug and I am certain shall have passed on tomorrow. I have a book to write, after all, I cannot give in to frailties of the flesh.


  1. Thank you so much for pictures when you should be resting. Get well soon petal and please put feet up this weekend :)

  2. Funk of one kind or another seems to be spanning the globe, though not all of it viral. Do take care and come back as soon as you're able. Your posts enliven the day.

  3. You dedication to this blog is beyond admirable, Tania.
    I would have stayed in bed!
    Get well quickest!!!

    wv "timemutt" -- a dog reference! Why am I NOT surprised!

  4. I hope you're well soon. Rest up!

    I just sighted a photo of Backwards in High Heels, on the top of a stack of books, in Undecorate, by Christiane Lemieux (page 25).


  5. Get well soon - we are having thunder and evening showers and extremely hot days here. Good for the plants though. Plenty of cricket going on as well. Two matches per day courtesy of the IPL! When you feel better do you think you could label the flowers? only asking if possible. Please.


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