Saturday, 2 April 2011

Carnations and Coffee Cake

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I was still quite grumpy with poor old Mr Willetts this morning. I really do not think he is a bad person, and I suspect he will be quite amazed that he has made so many ladies sad and cross. (Although I should say to my sisters that saying 'Fuck you Mr Willetts' on Twitter does not necessarily advance the feminist argument. Although I suppose it does show that females can cuss just as well as fellows.)

I almost launched into another lovely feminist argument, because I know how everyone longs for one of those. But the sun was shining, and heavenly Graham Norton was laughing at his own jokes on the radiophonic device (I have a helpless love for that man), and I decided to devote the morning to pleasure. Possibly my favourite saying in the entire world is: living well is the best revenge.

So I thought I might buy some more of those lovely cheap scarlet carnations. To my delight, the flower shop also had deep blue grape hyacinths for TWO POUNDS EACH. Two pounds? For perfect little pots of raging beauty? I actually offered to pay the florist more, because it seemed as if I was robbing her. She appeared to find this very funny. She also had two ravishing little salix plants, which are my other very favourites, so I got those too. I know this is shocking indulgence, and terrible profligacy, but here is caution, here are the winds, and I am throwing.

Just to add to the shocking behaviour, I went up to the delightful coffee shop, which always strikes me as a miraculous thing to have in a tiny village, and defiantly bought some coffee cake. I know. I am the Marie Antoinette of the North East. I don't know what to say. And, just to add to the loveliness of this gentle Saturday, I am making a classical chicken stew. I can smell the scent of it, wafting through from the kitchen, filled with joy and promise.

I am listening to the wonderful voice of Christopher Martin-Jenkins, commentating on the final of the cricket world cup. Because one of my kindest and most loyal readers is from Sri Lanka, I am rooting for the Sri Lankan team. They have just got Tendulkar out for 18, which is an extraordinary feat, since he is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. So, Mystica, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is a good omen for you.


I did not take any pictures today. I was too busy naughtily buying myself CAKE. So here are some happy spring-time photographs from the week.


2nd April 1

2nd April 11-1

2nd April 2

2nd April 4


2nd April 7

2nd April 8

2nd April 10

2nd April 11

And now for the glorious glory that is the ladyships:

2nd April 5

2nd April 6

I put this one into sepia, so that they look like serious Edwardian hounds:

2nd April 14

Can't you just imagine them going for a walk with Edward VII and Mrs Keppel? Or perhaps that is just me.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Thank you again for making me smile this morning.

  2. Susan - you are kind. The thought of making a dear reader smile makes me incredibly happy. :)

  3. Your way with our language is matchless. "here is caution, here are the winds, and I am throwing"... :)

    Delighted that the day has been a simple patchwork of many good things to please you. Norfolk responds in kind.

  4. We are in a quandary, dear next door neighbours are Sri Lankan and my little girls school friends' grandparents are Indian, so we are hoping for a draw! Enjoy the chicken stew. Jude

  5. How your dogs suit sepia! They were made for a by-gone age. I just spotted the cast of characters on your very helpful, now I know who is who. Lou x

  6. Well sadly we did not win but we did put up a good fight!!! We have all of us come down from a high but we have the IPL now to face next week and we have our New Year on the 13th/14th of this month with a countrywide celebration.

  7. Dear Tania, I love your favourite saying. I shall remind myself of it whenever I need to.

    Graham's brilliant. The funniest thing I've seen in ages is his recent show with Miriam Margolyes, did you see it? It was quite genius xx

  8. Cassie - such a lovely comment from lovely Norfolk.

    Jude - pleased to report the stew was a success.

    Lou - so pleased you enjoyed the sepia dogs.

    Mystica - a most gallant defeat. And hoping you have a lovely new year.

    Christina - I DID see the M Margolyes moment, and watched in delighted amazement. She was so naughty.


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