Saturday, 16 April 2011


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I get up slowly, like a very old lady. I no longer feel ill. I do not exactly feel well, either.

Outside, the air is light and warm and the young trees are turning the colour of ripe limes. My sister cycles past, box smart in a bright scarlet coat.

'You look nice,' I say. 'Like Thoroughly Modern Millie.'

She looks down at the bicycle, slightly rueful.

'I've just got to work out how to ride it while wearing a long skirt,' she says.

'The suffragettes did it,' I say, staunchly.

She nods. 'Yes, they did,' she says. 'And if they could do it, so can I.'

She rides off, waving, followed by her poodle.

Afterwards, I wonder: why does she want to wear a long skirt while riding a bicycle?

Just as I am pondering this odd question, my attention is diverted. THE CHERRY BLOSSOM IS OUT.

This is very, very exciting. The blossom I have had so far has just been on the little ornamental cherries in my flower beds. The main trees have remained stolidly blossom-free. But now, suddenly, almost overnight, they are in flower. It is not yet the full, dashing effect, but it is blossom, and I do not look that gift horse in the mouth.

Here it is:

16th April 5

16th April 6

16th April 7

16th April 8

16th April 9

16th April 10

It's slightly maddening, because it does not come out as pretty in pictures as it is in life. Still, at least I can give you an idea of the bounty.

The hawthorn has come out too:

16th April 11

16th April 12

And, very soon, my favourite little apple tree will also bloom:

16th April 13

Talking of trees, look at these lovelies:

16th April 14


16th April 17

The Duchess, taking her ease:

16th April 1

And with the sky in her eyes:


And the Pigeon:

16th April 3

I admit to utter bias, but I really don't know if I ever saw such beautiful faces.

The hill, very gracious today:

16th April 18

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