Friday, 3 December 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

A very quick addendum to today's blog:

May I apologise for the shocking typo in the original draft, which you dear readers very politely did not point out. It has now been corrected. Oddly, I had a small pedant attack on Twitter this morning. That I made an egregious grammatical error in today's post is probably the universe coming round to duff me up for being so judgemental. I think of the first line of The Great Gatsby, which goes something like: when you get to judging people, remember not everyone has had the advantages you have. Not everyone had the magnificent Miss Holder to teach them English, as I did when I was eight.

And may I also mention, while I am here, that if there was any lingering gloom from last night's melancholic attack, it has now been entirely dispelled by your incredibly kind and delightful comments. In the manner of the immortal Ferrero Rocher advertisements, I say: with these compliments, you are really spoiling me. (Imagine this in cod-European accent for full effect.)

Bonus SNOW DOG picture in way of thanks:

snow dogs


  1. I can't comment on the typo, although that kind of thing happens to me all the time, and it maddens me, so I feel for you! I hadn't realised that one of the Ladies has a small white patch between her front legs... have I not been paying attention, or is it snow?

  2. Imogene - thank you so much for typo sympathy. That is a splash of white; it is because they are half collie, and although they are sisters, only the Duchess has the white on her. The Pigeon is much more labby, and only has one tiny tiny white hair if you look very closely. (That was possibly more information than you needed.)

  3. Really beautiful snow photos - it all looks so nordic. Minus 17! We grumble here (Oxford) when it's only minus 4. I was talking to someone yesterday who loves the cold and goes to the Arctic on holidays!(northern Norway). She once went for a few days during the winter when the sun never rises. She said the light was very odd: just a dim reflection from the snow. In summer the sun stays only a bit above the horizen but never sets - just goes its stately way all round the horizen.

    Keep warm!

  4. Vivien - love that word picture of Norway.

  5. What is cod-European? AND The Lady pieces are really great!

  6. Marianna - sort of bogus non-specific European accent. So pleased you like the Lady pieces; I always feel a bit doubtful about them.


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