Saturday, 25 December 2010


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Is really all I wanted to say.

It was a lovely day. The lunch was cooked by a perfect team. I did the gravy. (Secret: an entire bottle of Marsala.) No one shouted, stormed out, or got drunk, which is a bit of a miracle, when an extended family of 24 is gathered. There was a lot of laughter. Everyone looked elegant, the children were adorable, and the dogs had a high old time, finding themselves part of a pack of seven.

I hope you all had a fine time. I wanted especially to send out special Christmas wishes to my dear, dear readers. One of the great surprises of this year has been how much I have come to love this blog, and how touched and delighted I have been by all your many kindnesses.

One quick Christmas photograph for you, of my sister's beautiful table:

25th December 2-5

And the view of the hill from her house:

25th December 1-5

25th December 3-5

25th December 4-5

And if I can say so without sounding too madly hippy: I wish you all peace and love.

Finally, of course Christmas would not be Christmas without SNOW DOGS:

25th December 5.ORF

25th December 6-5


  1. And a merry Christmas to you too Tania, I don't always comment but always keep up with your posts and I have always loved your blog. So glad you had a fabulous day we did too but as it turns out our smooth haired fox terrier hates crackers but he was quickly placated with a special Christmas pigs ear.

  2. A very Happy Christmas to you. May you be blessed with much joy, peace and happiness always.

  3. It looks deliciously christmassy with all that snow - none down here in my part of suffolk though it is cold. We even got to skate on the moat, the first time ever for us newbies who have owned the place for teh last decade. Last time anyone skated on it was over a quarter century ago!
    Happy Christmas!


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