Monday, 27 December 2010

No words today

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Only pictures.

The hill was lost in white sky today:

27th Dec 1

But the gloomy old dreich had a mournful loveliness of its own:

27th Dec 14

27th Dec 2

27th Dec 16

There were signs of life:

27th Dec 4

27th Dec 6.ORF

27th Dec 9.ORF

27th Dec 8.ORF

27th Dec 10

27th Dec 11

27th Dec 12

27th Dec 13

(Those are my little fruit trees, with their hopeful buds.) 

And there were of course the ladyships:

27th Dec 5

27th Dec 17

That was just outside in the melting snow, but don't they look as if they have been posed in the grand Parisian studio of some diva photographer, with light meters and those mad silver umbrellas to reflect the flash?

Going to eat some good old bloody Aberdeen Angus beef now, for strength. Too much chatting always takes it out of me, and if there is one thing that happens at Christmas, it is chatting. After a while, I have to go and sit very, very still in a darkened room. Luckily, at the moment I have Test Match Special to keep me company, and there is nothing more restful than the soothing tones of Aggers and his merry men making naughty jokes about Ricky Ponting, and the tap tap tap of Jonathan Trott's bat as he slowly and methodically works his way to 141 not out.


  1. Gosh, isn't that green unexpected? Everything that isn't covered in snow here is very brown and dead looking.

  2. That green - I never thought anything could survive under that snow!


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