Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Regarding today's post:

As so often, I write something about writing, and go back to find that it contains schoolgirl errors. TWO typos today; as always, you all very politely looked the other way. I suppose it must be fitting that it should happen in a post about embracing imperfection. The good old universe nudging me in the ribs, as usual.

They are corrected now, so all manner of things shall be well. And you get a bonus picture, of something which is pretty close to perfect, at least at the moment.

The magnificent ALASTAIR COOK, whose astonishing batting helped England to a most uncharacteristic and glorious defeat of the Australian cricket team on home ground:

Alistair Cook at the crease 

(Picture by Getty Images.)

Actually, Cook is rather ideal for today's theme. He might be scoring double hundreds this month and be the hero of the hour, but not that long ago he quite lost his form, and could not hit a barn door. All the critics sharpened their knifes, with a nasty, gleeful strafing sound. Not good enough, they said; lacking technique; not fit to play for England. The very same people who are now falling over themselves to praise him were sneering at him only weeks ago. I do not understand enough about the intricacies of the game to quite explain it, but it was something to do with the way he used his legs, or did not bend his knee, or something. Look at that picture. Can you see anything amiss with that bendy knee? (Also bear in mind he was doing that for over ten hours in blazing sun.) It reminds me of that part in Charade when Audrey Hepburn gazes up at Cary Grant and says Do you know what is wrong with you? and he smiles down at her and says No, and she grins blissfully and says: Absolutely nothing.

Anyway, it just goes to show that you can have absolutely crappy streaks and then come back and win things for your country.

Really am stopping now.


  1. I have been thinking of you on and off the whole day whilst watching the last test where England trounced Australia!!!!

    The critics here have been unmerciful!

  2. Ah Mystica - you clearly appreciate the cricket obsession. The Australians were so hapless that I almost feel sorry for them. Would do, if I were not so happy about England playing so beautifully.

  3. I read "Alastair Cook" & thought immediately of the lovely British author and his years long "Letter From America", broadcast daily & apparently almost off the cuff (evidently he made notes & then just started talking so informatively & entertainingly for a solid 15 minutes).
    I now see Cook's first name is Alistair (instant "knowledge" with Google!).
    Pat (in Belgium)

    wv "sickupel"...who thinks up these words anyway!?!


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