Monday, 20 December 2010

Bah, humbug

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I know that I am supposed to be shiny and sparkly at this time of year, and I have great good fortune, which I do not take for granted, and I should really not be allowed to complain about anything, ever. But today I am grumpy and scratchy. My throat hurts and it feels as if a low grade virus is trying to get me. I did not get done the things which were supposed to be done. My email is on the blink. I sent one of the godchildren's presents to the wrong address. These are all what my friend Miss Whistle correctly calls first world problems. They are not even really problems. I suppose one is permitted to have a cross old day, every once in a while, but it feels churlish to do so at this time of year, and I am rather ashamed of myself.

Too cross to write, so here, in a heroic effort to summon back the Christmas spirit, are some festive pictures.

Christmassy house:

20th Dec 1

20th Dec 2

20th Dec 3

20th Dec 10

20th Dec 4

20th Dec 14-1

20th Dec 11

Christmassy trees:

20th Dec 5

20th Dec 6

20th Dec 7

20th Dec 7-1

20th Dec 15

Christmassy DOGS:

20th Dec 12

20th Dec 14

20th Dec 16-1

20th Dec 17

And the Christmassy hill:

20th Dec 16

(Interestingly, I had this exact problem last year, except that I banged on about it at more length, so perhaps it is an annual event. Perhaps we all need to have one furious not at all Christmassy day in the midst of all the festivity.)

On a truly happy note, one of the Dear Readers is actually GETTING MARRIED tomorrow.

Anne, I hope you have an utterly wonderful day.


  1. Oh you poor thing! There's a lot of it about, and I'm sure you have the same bug I've had and it goes away quite quickly. I shouted at my husband and then burst into tears in Camden Station's ticket hall yesterday (it's pretty much impossible to look loonier than the usual inhabitants of Camden Station, so this was less shaming than it might have been!) and then I felt much better about life :-) All this jollity happening at a cold and dark time of year is quite stressful, so just snuggle down and let it all wash over you, it will pass.

  2. Everyone's allowed a slightly grumpy day now and again, and feeling ill-ish at this time of year is always horrible. Feel better soon.
    Love your decorations, and your icicles (I adore icicles), and the snow dogs with their snowy noses.

  3. Grumpy days are allowed even at this time of year. However your photos have put me in a festive mood!

  4. Once again, I have stolen one of your exquisite photographs. Feel better!

  5. Dear Tania, don't feel too cross with yourself: I am sure it is worse for us with the perfectionist streak! Your house is just splendid and it is still few days before Christmas so, please, be gentle on yourself.
    I am off tomorrow in the snow to join my dear old father and the rest of the Italian family for a week.
    I will miss your posts though as I look forward to read your thoughts every day.
    Feel well soon and have a very Happy Christmas! Cristina xx

  6. Sarah - feel so much better after hearing yr Camden Station moment. Thing I love about the blogosphere is the knowledge one is not the only one.

    Mona - so sweet of you about the snow dogs; you know that always makes me happy.

    Spangle - SO pleased pictures are spreading festive cheer.

    Miss W - always so delighted when you like the pictures. :)

    Christina - such a sweet comment, thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas with the family.

    What very cheering dear readers you are. Grumpiness is sloughing off. Tomorrow, I shall be like a little skipping Christmas ELF. x

  7. Cristina - so sorry, spelt yr name wrong. Please forgive.

  8. I completely forgot to comment on your post about your decorations and today's photos have just jogged my memory. Everything looks absolutely stunning; they could be taken from a glossy interiors magazine. I can't imagine not having a tree but the bowls of baubles is such a fab idea that it's a wonderful alternative.

  9. Oooh, Tulips at Christmas.
    Wonderful photos to cheer up by. I hope you've found your inner elf

  10. Gorgeous images! It could be worse, you could be like me waiting to fly to the UK/home for Christmas and had my flight canceled for the 3rd day in a row, no food in the house, all winter clothes in suitcase, no decorations up (because I am not still meant to be in Spain) long have you got?

  11. And do look at the very Christmassiness of it all! (A la Linda, I suppose). Have a wonderful Christmas T and the dogs in your gloriously festive house. xxx

  12. your house really is beautiful- that right mixture of looking like a magazine it's so lovely but also like you actually live there

    on another note, I am so glad someone else has been feeling down, I have crazy times every so often, I start over worrying about things and then I annoy my friends- and well it can be a bit of a struggle, I think Christmas is wonderful but next year I'm booking myself relaxing days- times to re balance a bit!


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