Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bonus Post 2: actually, this is the man I love the most today

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

You may have noticed that I am very hot under the collar about the current battle in America over Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The Republicans are currently threatening to filibuster any attempt at repeal, led by that soi-disant champion of the military, Senator John McCain. His tortuous explanations of why he WILL NOT COUNTENANCE gay people serving openly in the armed forces is now going into the blatantly Byzantine. It is so very strange that I wonder if one day it will feature in a learned article in a psychology journal, and will be peer-reviewed as an example of some new self-deluding syndrome.

He, and all those who would publicly discriminate against brave soldiers and sailors on the basis of their sexuality, should watch this interview with Clifford Alexander, a gentleman of such eloquence and humanity and rigorous good sense that I have fallen helplessly in love with him. (Intellectually, of course; I don't want you to think there is any funny business.)

Have a watch. It is five minutes of heaven:

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As always, the magnificent Rachel Maddow does yeoman's work on his subject, which is very close to her generous, liberal heart.


  1. Mona - isn't he just MARVELLOUS? I've heard people state the case against DADT before, but never in quite such devastatingly irrefutable terms. And I love that he made it such a clear moral case.

  2. Perfection! And I also kinda wish he was my grandpa.

  3. Is it so necessary to even talk about it so much. Isn't it all done and dusted and not relevant anymore?


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